The use of street magic is a strange combination of urban myth, popular culture and hedge magic that confuses most awakened magi and thaumaturgists. Most would see a small bit of Street Magic and dismiss it as some bit of foolery for it will not have any affect for those who have not been lost some of the mundanity. According to the few Magi that have attempted to study this odd phenomonea, learning Street Magic requires one to take a “half-step” towards Awakening and equates this form of reality bending as a weakened form of Hedge Magic.

Street Magic is treated almost as a magical sphere in that one can only ‘cast’ a rote of a level equal to the level of their advantage. These rotes are very involved and require a myriad of odd materials. Some require more than one person to enact and others require that they be cast only at certain times. All are limited in their duration and rarely stretch beyond the dawn of the next day.