Murder of CrowsEdit

The Gypsy are known never to suffer a Murderer a moment’s peace. Their curses will plague their every step until they are driven out into the open for further justice to be extracted. To cast this ritual, the Gypsy needs to find thirteen crow’s feet and a number of small shiny objects and hang them at the home of the intended target; normally from a nearby tree or other high point so that the crows can see it. Since most people would object to having such things hung around their home, this ritual is normally hung at night.

Once the gypsy has hung the string of feet and shiny things at the home of the target, they call to the crows in a mocking song of caws. By morning’s light, a few crows will spy the shiny metal and begin to swarm near the house. Within a few hours of dawn, there can be dozens of crows or hundreds of crows singing their song of murder until the sun sets that night.

System: The Gypsy rolls Performance + Animal Ken vs 6 to determine the number of crows that will swarm at the location. For every success, a dozen crows will arrive to plague the target’s home with their caws until dusk. Four people must be present to ‘sing’ the curse.