One of the two daughters of Winter, Kerwyn was given the domain over the realm of Autumn and was married to Lord Oberon


Kerwyn, or as she was known by man, Kerwidian, was killed many years ago when the Wilds came under attack from forces outside their realm during a period of time that the humans called the Black Death. 

The Wilds are protected by a powerful barrier created by the two Queens. During the Black Death the barrier was breached by powerful wraiths from the Shadowlands. While Oberon was out defending their border against an attack by Frost Giants, a crack appeared in the skies above the Forgotten Forest and swarms of Wraith poured into their world. 

Kerwyn and her Satyrs charged out to fight them off while messengers were sent to alert her husband. Kerwyn quickly called to the Wyldlings of the Forgotten Forest and they answered their Lady and faught valiantly by her side. One who was present when she was struck down was a Faun named Bloodthorne. It was Bloodthorne who picked up her bow and continued to launch firey bolts at the Wraiths and Darklings until Oberon arrived.