Detective Rainer has been with the Metro Police since he graduated college with degrees in psychology and criminal justice. He quickly moved up in the ranks, making detective at a rather early age. Rainer is known for being able to uncover teh truth, no matter how messy or unthinkable it might be. He's known throughout the "otherfolk" of Metro as one to watch out for. Rainer has his pwn pet theory about who the Red Devils are and what they are up to. He just might be onto something since he's got Dash really nervous. (not that it stops the Brujah from doing what they do best) He's too prominant a figure for the Kindred to simply off him to be rid of him, and there's rumor that Rainer may actually be in league with some highly placed Kindred who are giving him immunity.

In his off duty hours, Joshua Rainer can be found doing anything from reading the latest best-seller to water skiing. He likes to keep active, both mentally and physically. But he also has an extreme obsession with coffee, which often takes him into places like the Neverland Cafe'. He's had a few interesting conversations with Marcus "Doc" Dawson about some rare books now and then. This guy has no love for the corporations though. He grew up in southern Ohio and remembers when the previous industry in the area, and the coal mining, made the impact the impact on the environment look small compared to what it is now. As a self-proclaimed active outdoorsman, he dislikes all the polution. People who know him get the impression that Joshua Rainer and Detective Rainer are two totally different faces.

In game terms, he's an ordinary mortal human, albeit a cleverly dangerous one with a nack for putting 2 and 2 together and drawing the right conclusions. Doc was once watching him for the Arcanum, some time back. Rainer has all the physical traints one might acpect from an athletic law enforcement person. He can fly a plane and can drive most anything. He has pretty good mental skills as well. (he's very well read) Where he falls short is in social skills and etiquette. He's never truly rude, just sometimes a bit awkward in social situations as if he's somewhat uncomfortable or nervous.