Rufus is a rather well to do man who seems to have his fingers in just a little bit of everything. Nothing so powerful as to have influence, but certainly enough to rake in cash which is turned into a hefty profit once it's been properly moved and invested, which happens with an almost supernatural effeciency.

It should be noted that the kindly old fellow everyone has met as Rufus Sinclaire is in fact NOT such a person. He's a public face, and a rather effective one at that. The real goings on behind the Sinclaire fortune and private concerns are of a much more... unique origin.

The entire family (in the criminal sense) live outside of town near a section of Grayson which was left largely untouched, and had been so for many years. Out there, the court of Faerie (Changelings) have their own comings and goings, movings and shakings, and it is presided over, and ruled by Duke Sin.

Duke Sin is a Sidhe noble of House Scathach, heir apparent to the title of Prince should his older brother meet with misfortune. Sin is more than happy to let his brother Prince Echo, keep the job, as Sin is much more comfortable in his role as Duke, and isn't that ambitious as the Fae court goes.

Instead, it is the mortal world which interests him. When the Faerie folk fled Earth for Arcadia, the household Scathach remained behind. This left them more resistant to the ravages of Banality which plague their Arcadian kin, but it put them in a horrible place. The Vampires, Magi, and Shifters all sought to gain control of previously Faerie held lands, and the Scathach were the lone defenders of them. This leaves them more willing to see a fight through to the end. (For more historical details as well as a little bit 'older' information, 

Sin's Dukedom, by Faerie standards, stretches from the Ohio river south into Tennesee, but no farther west than Lexington. Within these lands, his word is law, though he's rather content to let the mortals do things their way. Instead, he's more interested in seeing what happens. Desipite his name, Sin is rather fond of mortals, and the public face of Sinclaire Enterprises as a Philanthropic business isn't just a front. He does indeed give money to many programs as well as schools and other such organizations. The Boggans and Knockers in his employ also spend the Months of November and December working diligently and tirelessly for the annual donations to the Giving Tree program.

Sin, like all Fae, have their Unseelie side however, and his manifests in a somewhat hedonistic lifestyle. Parties of a rather wild, loud, racuious, and generally carnal sort are often held at his Grayson mansion.

Sin likes to keep himself in fine shape, and does so through a proper weight and aerobic program, as well as his lifelong passion in martial arts. It should be noted that Sin possesses the Faerie Eternity merit, so his lifelong passion has lasted near 250 years.