A Wildling Fae that Thomas Book has dealt with before.


Bloodthorn appears to be a young boy somewhere in his early teens with long, elven ears and a big, red, burlap sack slung over his shoulder like a weird version of Santa Claus.

Bloodthorn's skin is somewhat tanned, though not 'baked'. Considering that most of the Fae have very fair skin, the bit of sun that has given him some color makes him stand out as if he had lived in a tanning booth. The near-tanned complexion marks him as a member of the Wyld Fae - the unaligned peoples of the Wilds.

Bloodthorn stands a bare three and a half-feet tall when he manifests to his fullest height. With the lean and well-muscled features of a track and field runner, his frame is slender and defined. His eyes are a shade of green similar to fresh acorns and his hair is a dirty blonde, the color of staw-colored autumn leaves. Wherever he stands there's the faint smell of fall about him; the smell of a pile of dead leaves.

Bloodthorn patrols the Umbra but rarely enters the city unless he's on an errand for the Lord of Autumn, Oberon  He prefers the solace of trees and the forests but has been summoned within the confines of a cemetery once - since there were so many Oak Trees there it was a "City Forest".

Bloodthorn is one of the Wild Fae, technically unaligned to the Courts, but has worked for Oberon on a few times and is usually the one contacted if the Lord of Leaves wishes to speak to the Wilder Brood.

Thomas has used Bloodthorn once to direct him towards a spirit within the Umbra.

"Why you seek Crow?"

He speaks like a younger version of Yoda; and rarely gives anyone a straight answer.

Generally speaking, he doesn't wear much when he's coming and going. Aside from a loincloth of deer skin and his red, burlap bag of infinite holding, he doesn't wear much. Thomas gave him a tear-drop pendant of green amber for helping him out once and Bloodthorn carries it as a favorite piece of jewelry.

Bloodthorn's abilities include:

Wild growth (causing any plants to spontaneously grow rapidly and up to a giant size within moments)

Nature's Grace (Absolute Elven Grace. Walk on the smallest branches, leaves no trace, breaks no leaves, etc.)

Bramble Thorns (Ensnaring thorny vines to grasp and hold people)

Bloodthorn's addictions:
1. Honey Roasted Peanuts

Bloodthorn's Bribery:
1. Amber of any kind but prefers green
2. Sack of Acorns

Bloodthorns' Enemies:
1. Queen of the Winter Court & her Emissaries
2. Tree-Killers